SkinDeep Lambs Wool Winter Coat

 SkinDeep Lambs Wool Winter Coat

For sale on Ebay until Dec 13, 2011

Vintage New Zealand Lamb’s Wool Coat

Lamb’s wool coat by New Zealand’s SkinDeep.

I recieved this coat about 25 years ago and shortly afterwards moved to Florida. It has never been worn and is in excellent condition, as the pictures will show.

This coat should prove to be extremely warm!

The coat’s leather is wonderfully soft and supple the inside is also very soft.

These coats go for about $1,500 USD, get this one for a fraction of that price. You can find more information SkinDeep coats on their web site.

Ebay Link

Skin Deep Coat - Front

Skin Deep Coat - Inside

Skin Deep - Detail

Skin Deep - Rear View

Skin Deep Coat - Sleeve

Skin Deep - Logo

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