TSA Pat Down Of Young Boy

TSA Pats Down Little Kid

TSA Pats Down Young Kid

5 year old “gate raped”…


“Don’t touch my junk!”

So, what do you think – Necessary or Otherwise?


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TSA Pat Down Of Young Boy — 4 Comments

  1. “Do you like movies about gladiators, Joey?”
    On the assumption a terrorist might hide weapons or explosives on a child, I see nothing wrong with it.

  2. Apparently the boy and the rest of the family had gone through the metal detector and didn’t set it off however the boy was selected for further screening. I “assume” the father opted for the pat down rather than the body scan thing – not sure why he would do that especially if his kid is shy… Does the Salt Lake Airport even have the body scanners set up yet?

    And how are people selected for the additional search? Does the TSA Agent just pick them out? If so I would hope I could find someone that better fit the profile of a terrorist. I mean was the kid or another family member acting suspiciously? Do they pick out a few they assume are innocent – maybe so they aren’t accused of “profiling”?

    I suppose it is now a necessary evil…

    • Regardless of your political persuasion there is really no reason why absolutely everything has to be about politics – and no, I didn’t vote for Obama…

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