Shootout in West Memphis / Jonesboro Arkansas

Shootout in West Memphis / Jonesboro Arkansas

Dash Cam and Surveillance Video of Shootout in West Memphis / Jonesboro Arkansas

Sixteen year old Joseph Kane and his father Jerry Kane (45) from Forest, Ohio kill 2 police officers and get in a shootout in an Arkansas Walmart parking lot.

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The two police officers were killed when the 16 year old opened fire with an AK-47 during a routine traffic stop. Two more officers were injured in a shootout after the father and son were surrounded in a Walmart parking lot. Two officers were injured and both father and son were killed.

Joseph Kane Body

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Shootout in West Memphis / Jonesboro Arkansas — 5 Comments

  1. Drive by – you should check out some of the sites related to this killing – all is not as it seems you stupid mfer! I’m sure someone will take a moment to post some links for you since you are probably too stupid to use google!!!

  2. Hey – Play nice guys!

    I haven’t seen the “sites” you mentioned or the arguments for or against a conspiracy. I didn’t even know there were questions but keep an open mind!

  3. there is no reason to say that this 2 guys got killed by police, police just stopped one dangerous 16 years old crazy killer and his even more crazy father that just killed two police man and was already proved to have weapons in that car, the people around the web complains about the car that its full of holes, yeas this happen when you make a bunch on policeman think that you gonna shoot again!!

    because there were no holes in the car when they left the crime scene, but of course there are many holes in the car when police surrounded them

    if you are 16 or 5 or 51 doesn’t matter, you go around with guns killing people, you probably will get shot by police on sight, that is what happened, end of the story, family and friends stfu

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