No Needo 4 Speedos

No Needo For Speedos!

Whale Diving with Speedos

No Speedo Boys

Peter Travis, 80, the Australian who created the Speedo line of swimwear.

Speedo Inventor Peter Travis

Mr. Travis was working for Speedo Holdings in 1960 when his boss asked him to re-create the overseas fashion of shorts in Hawaiian motif. “My reply was: ‘The whole world will have that. I will start with a costume you will swim in.”

Bondi, Australia beach inspector arrested the first man to wear the briefs on the beach, but Travis recalls that the magistrate did not pursue charges, because there was no pubic hair showing. You can read the full article here.

Bob Hezzelwood (aka Beach Bob), a self confessed “sun freak”,

had been visiting Bonita Beach for years and says no one was bothered or had complained about his bathing suit.

However, in 2008, he was issued a trespass ticket for wearing a Speedo swimsuit that allegedly left covered part of his genitalia.

Police said other beach-goers had complained about Mr. Hezzelwood rolling up the sides of his swimsuit to leave almost nothing covered up apparently to prevent tan lines.

A judge tossed out the case apparently because of a question as to whether the deputy had jurisdiction in the area where Beach Bob was sunning himself…

Thursday, August 18th 2011

Roy Lester claims he was forced out of his job61-Year-Old Roy Lester Fired For Not Wearing A Speedo? at Jones Beach in New York for NOT wearing a Speedo.

The 61-year old said, “I wore a Speedo when I was in my 20s,” Lester said. “But come on. There should be a law prohibiting anyone over the age of 50 from wearing a Speedo.”

Mr. Lester is suing the state of New York, claiming age discrimination.

You can read the full article here.

I told you NO Speedos or Thongs!


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No Needo 4 Speedos — 11 Comments

    • Hi MaxPower,

      It’s more the direction this page has taken – I figured, if anything, people would be posting pictures illustrating illustrating the 99.9999% of the population that should not be wearing Speedos LOL!

      The problem is that this page is REALLY sucking WAY more bandwidth than it should with the few pictures I’ve approved due to the amount of traffic. I’m very near my bandwidth limit for the month and I can’t see/afford paying $50 to increase my bandwidth nor am I certain that would even handle the load if I approved them all. So unless someone comes up with an idea to generate an advertiser/revenue/donation (yeah right LOL!) I’m probably going to have to go back to the single original picture.

      Thanks for your comment!

  1. Your “No Needos 4 Speedos”,along with other bikini swimwear image websites, tend to show the models wearing the brief style loosely below the hip. This shows the suits slipping off when swiming. The Speedo design needs to be worn tighly at the hips. I kow.I’ve been, and continue to sport, the Speedo bikini design. Havn’t lost one in the water yet!

  2. Speedos are the only practical swimwear. In reality its trunks that should have become extinct by now. Speedos are practical in that they are more comfortable (esp. to swim in), they dry much faster out of the water (no jock itch!), and they look better (at least on young/thin dudes) – heck, fat old farts will look bad in ANYTHING they wear, anyways, so that’s no reason for trunks. Trunks are a “throwback” to the old-tyme suits of 100 years ago. Today, only prudes or guys afraid to show their own bodies would prefer a bulky, ugly, impractical swim trunk. Get over it, folks! No male should ever wear swim trunks. Period. End of discussion.

  3. Speedos are best for swimming. Who ever made this site needs to get off the “Big Brother” band wagon and mind their own business.

  4. Young, Slender Guys Should Wear A Speedo If They Desire. Nothing Wrong With That. The People Who Complain About It, Are Thee People Who Shouldn’t Wear A Speedo (for obvious reasons).
    Remember: Males Are Bold, And Females Are Timid (not the other way around). By Human Nature, Guys Show Their Bodies As A Sign Of Masculinity, And Females Are Modest & Shy.
    If You Don’t Like The Way A Guy Looks In A Speedo, Then DON’T LOOK.
    Everything Is So Sexual Today. What’s Next: Showering With All Your Clothes On?

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