Burger King Bikini Brawler

Kimesa Smith Burger King Bikini Brawler Panama City Beach, FL

When bikini clad Kimesa Smith Nekiva Hardy felt she had to wait too long for her order at Burger King’s drive thru in Pamama City, FL she registered her displeasure by mounting an all out assault on the store and its staff. Hopefully the local police were more prompt when they were booking her and taking her mug shot!

Who knew they were filming “When Animals Attack” at Burger King?

Kimesia Smith's mug shot

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Kimesia Smith Arrest Report

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“Now I don’t know if Kimesia Nekiva abuses drugs but from her mug shot she could be the poster girl for the term “Crack Ho” but isn’t 31 a little old to still be acting like one? After all she is someone’s baby momma…”

Here is another one – different ending – check out Thug on the Bus

Fight - Thug On The Bus - Video


The woman in the video is actually Nekiva Hardy, not Kimesia Smith! Smith is actually her hairdresser. Judging from her “do” maybe she should be arrested too! j/k

Not only did Hardy gave police a fake name, she also lied about her age, and address. She did give police her REAL cell phone number!

Anyway Nekiva (mother of 4) was arrested Thursday, March 31, 2011 at her home in Montgomery, Alabama and charged with one felony count of criminal mischief with damage of more than $1,000, two counts of misdemeanor battery and one misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest.

Nekiva told cops at the time of her original arrest in Panama City,”We tore the Burger King up,” and “I don’t play no games.” according to the police report.

Of course shortly before her arrest she also told The Smoking Gun, “Fuck them, they’ll have to come and get me,” “It’s gonna be hard to find me.” Guess it wasn’t too hard Nekiva!

It looks like Nekiva has prior arrests for cocaine possession, criminal mischief, and hindering prosecution! You go girl!

Nekivia Hardy Burger King Brawler Mug Shot

Nekivia Hardy The Burger King Brawler's Mug Shot

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