Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken – Beer Butt Chicken – Drunk Chicken

Beer Can Chicken

• Light up grill and and when fire is ready push coals to one side – ie Indirect Cooking method.
• Clean, wash and dry chicken – don’t forget to remove the neck and giblets from the cavity
• Coat with olive oil
• Rub the chicken with your favorite seasoning or spices – I like to use Cajun seasoning
• Take a ½ or ¾ full can of beer and insert into chicken as shown in picture
• Place on grill on the side without the coals – indirect remember!
• Cook for an hour so and check chicken’s tempature – it needs to be around 160° – 165°
• Enjoy

One of these stands,
while not absolutely necessary,
can help prevent your chicken
from tipping over…

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