Open Letter To David Letterman

Dear Mr. Letterman,

Due to the recent death threat you’ve recieved from the differently humored we here atArmor Bacon Suit
ArmorStar (not to be confused “ArmourStar”) Products would like to offer you the opportunity to wrap yourself in the loving, protective arms of our Bacon Suit.

This suit, when combined with our optional Strippers and Hussys package is almost guarenteed to keeps these crazy radical muslims at bay.

Save yourself from the radical muslims tyrants by wraping yourself in the loving arms of the other white meat – The Bacon Suit by ArmorStar!

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest opportunity and, should you fail to avail yourself of our generous terms, you can look forward to our posting “those” pictures of you and Osama wallowing in the sty wearing only your birthday suits…

Govern yourself accordingly!


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Open Letter To David Letterman — 2 Comments

  1. Your system will not allow me to use adaptive software to view your content.

    Hint: there are long establised best pracitics standards for web desing that are ADA complient.

    Also this is my third and last attempt as your captcha system is not working

    • Hi WhyMeLord,

      I’m sorry you are having problems with my site!

      Since you didn’t mention what adaptive software you are attempting to use there is not much I can offer that would be helpful.

      However, I use the WordPress software to publish my content so I’d be interested to know if it is just my site or every site that uses WordPress software.

      If it is just my site I’d be interested in seeing an example that does work with your adaptive software as I would certainly like my content to be available to everyone!

      If it is all sites using WordPress then your best avenue to getting the problem resolved would be the developers or your software or the WordPress developers at

      If I can help further, let me know!

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