Why Do Bikers Love Women In Leather?

Why Do Bikers Love Women In Leather?

to say nothing of ladies, girls ,babes, hotties and chicks…

Corset - Faux LeatherVictorian Corset Real Black Leather Corset - Black and Purple

Red CorsetBlack & Purple CorsetHottie in Leather Dress

Click an image to buy her some leather.

Because they smell like a new leather bike seat!

Harley Hottie In Leather

Join the wide and wild carnival world of bike meets, backed up by the soundtrack of large volume V-twins from Milwaukee!

Wild: Harley Bikes & Babes by Horst Rosler From $11.69

From one of the largest Harley-Davidson and custom bike photo collections, WILD features the weirdest characters, the wildest girls and the craziest bikes. These wild photos are of
countless biker meets and Harley meets from all over the world, including:Daytona Bike Week, Sturgis Rally & Races, Superrally, Faaker See, Moto Classica, German Bike Week, Swiss Love Ride, Bikerfest and The Kent Custom Show.

Bulldog Bash The classic meets in Daytona and Sturgis came about from racing events where Harley-Davidson and Indien fought for first rank on the racing track. After 1969’s Easy Rider, the custom bike scene also got moving in Europe, and the first meetings of a small but steadily growing scene took place. The Harley-Davidson Super Rally, the main event of the Harley-Davidson clubs of Europe, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the year 2000. To see and to be seen is a part of Harley culture, and riders give their all in WILD’s photos: turbo-superchargers, compressors, nitro-pressure charging, elaborate airbrush enamelling, chrome, polished steel and aluminium-and the emotions and adoration these machines arouse. In these photos Hog lovers live out their passions to the full and are as free as the roads they ride!

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