Shooting At Brooklyn McDonald’s

Brooklyn McDonald’s Shooting – Tyquan Sewall

Shooting at Brooklyn McDonald's


Shooting at Brooklyn, NY McDonald’s.

Attempted killing of Tyquan Sewall, 18 at a Brooklyn, NY McDonald’s restaurant on September 27, 2011 at 2154 Nostrand Ave.

You see a man in a red jacket or shirt walk into the Brooklyn McDonald’s and shortly after Tyquan dressed in black shorts and a white “wife beater” undershirt approaches the restaurant. As soon as he gets to the door “red jacket” pops out and starts blasting with a Smith & Wesson .32-caliber semi-automatic pistol.

The first shot grazed Sewall on the left side of his head then 3 or more shots as he dropped and rolled around in the street. Tyquan was hit in the torso, groin and leg in addition to the wound in his head. He is critical but stable condition at a local hospital.

Sewall has eight prior arrests, including five for robbery – maybe he robbed the wrong person…

Sewall’s friends who witnessed shooting told police they didn’t recognize any of the suspects – a story police aren’t buying.

Looks like someone might have gotten some new shoes at the end of the clip so I guess he’s happy…

Tips – report them to NYPD CrimeStoppers

Shooting Brooklyn McDonald's

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