70-Year-Old Bartow Polk School Bus Attendant Beats 14-Year-Old Boy

70-Year-Old Bartow Polk School Bus Attendant Beats 14-Year-Old Boy

Booking Photo - Hattie Yvonne Branch

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70-year-old school bus attendant Hattie Yvonne Branch has been charged with child abuse for attacking a 14-year-old who had allegedly had regularly cursed at her, threatened to break her jaw and would act like he was going to hit her with his elbow.

This incident started when the boy flipped a 5-year-old over a seat in the bus and one of his feet accidentally hit Branch. After that the fight, massacre was on. Branch allegedly pulled the 14-year-old hair, punched him and bit him twice.

Apparently the boy has a history of acting up on buses. He was only on Branch’s bus because he was transferred for causing problems on another bus. Branch had also written him up at least 4 times.

Branch had been on the job for almost 10 years at a salary of slightly over $10,000. That is not nearly enough to put up with what appears to be a trouble making, possibly violent, kid. Branch’s charge of child abuse carries a maximum of 5 years in prison. She is currently out on $10,000.

From the details it sounds like the boy might have deserved just what he got – His arse kicked by a 70-year-old woman!

Booking Photo - Hattie Yvonne Branch

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