Crazy People – They Can’t Be At Walmart All The Time

Crazy People – They Can’t Be At Walmart All The Time!

Woman pees herself while singing

Sometimes the nuts get off the Crazy Train before it gets to Walmart.

lady dragging kids on leashesWhat you mean why do I want to return them, isn’t it obvious?

Does this guy wan't a woman or does he want to be a woman?Does he “want” a woman or does he “want to be” a woman”?

New Invention - Slimming Man Thong & CupNew invention – My all-in-one slimming man thong complete with protective cup.

Woman pees herself while singingYou’ve have to wonder what she was song she was singing to make her pee her pants!

Grandma crashes rascal hoveroundWascally Rascal Hoveround thing can get away from grandma when she drinks…

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