Crazy People – They Can’t Be At Walmart All The Time

Throwing the peace sign in front of grannies coffin is hip!Throwing the peace sign in front of grandma’s coffin – that is straight street cred right there dude.

short shorts are like speedos - old fat people shouldn't wear themWhat your granddaughter’s “Juicy” shorts were the only thing clean in the whole trailer old fella? Short shorts are like Speedos – old fat people shouldn’t wear them!

boy sees naked man in crowdYes Timmy I’m as appalled as you are. We will make an exception to the no speedo rule for this guy if he will just put something on!

What?  Laundry basket not qualify as child seat?What? Laundry basket work as child seat right?

Need Crack Spackle!Next time search for the Crack Spackle store before you leave home!

More Walmart Funnies!

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Rump Shaker Video Shot At Walmart

Rump Shaking at Walmart!

Walmart Auto Show!

I've Been Banned From Walmart

Elizabeth Halfmoon - Mug Shot - Making Meth At Walmart

She was trying to make Meth at Walmart - Really!

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