Mug Shot Monday – 10/17/2011 Rayon McIntosh McDonald’s Fight

Rayon McIntosh McDonald’s Worker Attacked By Two Customers

Rayon McIntosh - McDonald's Cashier Fight Video

Two 24-year-old New York “ladies”, Denise Darbeau, Queens and Rachel Edwards, Brooklyn appear to have bitten off more than they could chew when they attacked McDonald’s Cashier Rayon McIntosh.

Apparently Rayon wanted to check the $50.00 bill they had offered in payment for their order and the “ladies” became enraged and it was all caught on tape!

One of the thugettes slapped the cashier then jumped over the counter to continue her attack when the other thugette went around the side to attempt to get in on the attack. Their problem arose when Mr. McIntosh armed himself with some sort of metal bar and started going upside their heads. Darbeau ended up with a fractured skull and broken arm and Edwards recieved a deep cut.Rayon McIntosh NYC Mug Shot
Granted he kept up the attack even after they females were down and that is what is landing him in hot water. And, apparently Rayon is no stranger to trouble as he had just been released from prison after serving a 11 years for killing a classmate when he as 19.

The thugettes were charged with menacing, trespass and disorderly conduct while McIntosh was charged with felony assault charges and criminal possession of a weapon and is being held on $40,000 bail.

McIntosh is due in court tomorrow 10/18/2011.

Should he have stopped once they were down or would they have continued to attack if he let them up?

Meanwhile the thugettes are probably dreaming of a lifetime of free Big Mac’s!

Some lawyers are going to be cashing in on this!

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