Mug Shot Monday – Marcus Robertson AKA Imam Abu Taubah

Mug Shot Monday – Imam Abu Taubah AKA Marcus Robertson

Imam Abu Taubah AKA Marcus Robertson Mugshot

Marcus Robertson, (AKA Abu Taubah), an Iman at Orlando’s Masjid Al-ihsaan mosque was arrested by FBI counter-terrorism agents on a federal weapons charge after they discovered 2 handguns along with loaded magazines in his possession, illegal as he is a convicted felon.

What is interesting here is that the federal prosecutors will use information gathered through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act of 1978, which is only used to investigate matters of national security. Other charges against Abu Taubah have not been made public as yet.

So what did he do to gain “convicted felon” status?

Imam Taubah Robertson used his USMC (United States Marine Corps)

Marcus Robertson Gets Very Little Coverage In Orlando Sentinel

Click image above to see how remarkably little coverage this got in the Orlando paper

training to instruct other Muslims in how to rob banks and post offices one of whom ended up shooting a member of the New York City Police Department/Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Armed Bank Robbery Task Force. Then when they were caught, he snitched and sold out his co-conspirators for a light sentence. He got 4 years, the others received sentences ranging from 40 to 165 years. Some of the court document can be viewed on FindLaw.

Supposedly the first mosque he attended was that of Siraj Wahhaj an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Imam Abu Taubah AKA Marcus Robertson Mugshot

Marcus Robertson Booking Report & Photo

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