Orlando Man Shaves Boy’s Head And Beats Him With Belt

Update 2/21/2012
Devery Broox found not guilty of child abuse

Devery Broox (25) from Orlando, FloriDuh (aka Florida) was arrested after posting a video showing him shaving a little 7-year-old boy’s head, eyebrows and apparently forcing him to pull down his pants so he could whip him with a belt. He then made the boy do exercises and push-ups outside. All this while he had his camera rolling.

Man Shaves and Beats Boy

While the video doesn’t show the beating, you can hear the boy’s screams coming from the next room.

Luckily the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children got wind of the online video and reported it to the police who were able to track down Broox and arrest him. Broox, who was supposedly acting as a mentor to the boy, describes himself as a “wordsmith” and posts spoken-word videos on Youtube was charged with with child abuse (CRUELTY TOWARD CHILD ABUSE WO GREAT HARM) a third degree felony. He has since posted $1000 bond and has been released so he may be available to “mentor” your kid…

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Devery Broox - Arrest Document Page 2

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Mug Shot - Devery Broox

Man Whips Boy Forces Him To Exercise

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