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The Case of the Toxic Tush

Update October 24, 2013
Morris was sentenced on Miami charges to 366 days in prison after agreeing to a plea deal on one count of practicing medicine without a license. Morris, 32, must surrender in January to begin serving the sentence.
Oneal Ron Morris - Mugshot

She still faces charges in Broward of seven counts of practicing health care without a license and one count of manslaughter. Those charges could result in prison terms up to 100 years.

Update July 27, 2012.

Oneal Ron Morris - Mugshot
Oneal Ron Morris was charged with manslaughter July 26, 2012 in the death of his former client, Shatarka Nuby.

Nuby, 31, died March 17 in the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Tallahassee, FL, where she was serving time for identity theft.

Nuby is survived by a son, 13, and two daughters, ages 10 and 7.

Oneal Ron Morris Manslaughter Mugshot

Update April 5, 2012

Oneal Ron Morris entered a written plea of not guilty to a Broward judge on Thursday in regards to the charges filed March 13 shown below.

Update March 13, 2012

Oneal Ron Morris has chalked up two more charges this time in Broward County. oneal ron morris mugshot mug shot The “doctor” turned herself on March 12, 2012 for multiple charges including practicing medicine without a license and practicing medicine without a license resulting in serious injury.

The latest victims are Lournise Linton, 41, Tampa, Ophelia Parker, 36, Vero Beach and Tiffany Kennedy, 36, Lauderhill FL.

This guy is getting to be a real pain in the butt!

Update January 30, 2012

Corey Eubank accused of being an accomplice to Oneal Ron Morris , the transgender “Doctor (AKA The Duchess) was attacked on the set of a Spanish language TV show in Doral, FL last week.

According to Jim Lewis, Eubank’s defense lawyer, “The victim’s family jumped out of the front row and the victim jumped out and started attacking my client.” Police were questioning at least one person.

Here is a clip of the show:

November 28, 2011
Miami Gardens, Floriduh

Update – Check out his video at the bottom of this post!

No, I’m not talking about Seinfeld’s AssMan Cosmo Kramer I mean ass man license plate
self-proclaimed “doctor”, Oneal Ron Morris a transgendered woman, who was arrested Friday, November 18, 2011 by Miami Gardens police for having the worst butt ever!

Well that’s not exactly true, “butt” it should be… Oneal Morris was actually arrested for performing a medical procedure on a 30-year-old woman to “enhance” her ass without a medical license and causing bodily harm.

“Butt” that’s not even the worst part…

This “Butt Doctor” injected his patient victim with “fix-a-flat’’ tire cement, mineral oil and Super Glue as the center piece of his “enhancement” treatment.

Now any sane person might suspect that injecting “fix-a-flat’’ in one’s gluteus maximus just might have a negative effect on one’s health – they would be right.

“Butt” that’s not even the worst part!

Who the *#@% would actually let a “doctor” with a butt like his get close enough to touch their ass, let alone perform a “medical enhancement” procedure on them if they looked like this???

Mugshot - Oneal Ron Morris

Oneal Ron Morris AKA The Derrière Doctor

“Butt” that’s not even the worst part…Toxic Tush Doctor - Oneal Ron Morris

The idiot patient actually paid the “Derrière Doctor” $700 for the privilege of having this “enhancement” done to her.

“Butt” that’s not even the worst part…

Leaving aside the fact that the moron patient actually came up with $700 or that she could count that high, or even count to 7, presumably both the patient and her “doctor” went to school on your dime and still thought this method of butt enhancement was a “good idea”. Now that was money well spent.

ASSuming the “patient” has health insurance, oh wait, according to Miami Gardens Detective Michael Dillon the woman has a pile of medical bills, is unable to work and continues to suffer.

So, taxpayers not only paid to educate these two idiots, they will likely be paying to incarcerate the doctor, paying the “victim’s” medical bills, and likely supporting her for the rest of her life via disability payments.

The moral of this story? If you want to look like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian or Ice-T’s wife Coco, select parents with big ass DNA or just f’ing buy a set of these Butt Boosters or Rump Bumps!

Arrested in conjunction with “procedures” preformed by Oneal Morris

Mugshot Corey Alexander Eubank

Mugshot Corey Alexander Eubank

was another transgender woman,
Corey Alexander Eubanks, 40, who was also charged with 2 counts of unlicensed practice of a health care professional with serious injury and 2 counts of acting as a principal – apparently he allowed his house to be used for the toxic tush injections. Corey Eubank also may have acted as the “doctor’s” assistant and collected the money from the patients. He is also alleged to have sold the victims “support garments”. God only knows what those may be been…

Oneal Ron Morris - Mugshot

Corey Alexander Eubank - Mugshot

Oneal Ron Morris

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