Texas Judge Beats Daughter With Belt

A Texas Family Law judge and his wife were caught on tape beating their daughter with a belt.

Judge William Adams Beats Daughter - Caught on tape

Texas Judge William Adams was caught on tape “spanking” his then 16-year-old daughter – her offense, downloading pirated files from KaZaA. As the video shows Judge Williams seemed to have lost control and whipped his daughter with his “big belt”. (Judge to wife, “Go get my belt. Go get the big one…”)

This judge will not be charged criminally because this video was shot in 2004 so, according to Rockport Police Chief Tim Jayroe, the five-year statutes of limitations expired.

Really I can understand corporal punishment andWilliam Adams - Texas Judge in "Beating/Whipping" case.
that it “may” be necessary with some kids but this is beyond the pale – especially for a judge. Most especially one involved in Family Law!Texas Court At Law comments on Judge William Adams

As you can see the below the contact information page for the Texas court system is off-line for some reason…

But it might be better to contact the Texas Bar Association toll free at: 800.204.2222 or visit their web site.
Texas Court Contact Page Off-Line

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