Weirdest Mug Shot Ever – Carlos Rodriguez – Half A Head

Weirdest, Craziest Mug Shot Ever – Carlos Rodriguez or Carlos Sosa – Half A Head

Half a head mugshot - Carlos Rodriguez

Arrested back in November of 2010 for attempting to solicit a prostitute Carlos Rodriguez’s (also identified as Carlos Sosa) mug shot shows a giant indentation on the top of his head. And no Carlos’ deformed head was not the result of police brutality or Photoshop, nor was he, in the words of Lady GaGa, Born This Way.

Carlos sustained a head injury in an accident and doctors removed part of his skull when his brain started swelling. Normally a plate would have been used to give his head a more normal shape – don’t know why he didn’t get one…

Weirdest Mugshot - Half a head - Carlos Rodriguez

Deformed Head - Carlos Rodriguez Mug Shot

Carlos Rodriguez Half Head animated gif

Booking Report - Half A Head Carlos Rodriguez

That’s right the Arrest Report shows he has “Half A Head”
This guy needs a lawyer and a doctor.

Half A Head Mugshothaldf a head - SkittlesCarlos Rodriguez - Brain Cereal

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