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I asked my neighbors if they would like to bring their kids over to my house for an Easter Vote in the Easter Poll - The future of the world depends on it!Egg Hunt and so this morning they all came over and we started the hunt.

After about 10 minutes or so without finding any eggs the kids started whining.  Their parents started complaining that I must have hidden the eggs too well for their kids to find.

I told them I didn’t hide any eggs.

By this time the kids were crying and their parents were outraged and they started calling me some very un-Easterlike names and threatening physical violence.

I reminded them that I specifically told them I was inviting them to an Easter Egg Hunt, NOT an Easter Egg Find and turned the hose on the lot of them.

Please take a moment to vote on this very important issue!

Should I have hidden eggs for the children to find?

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