Orlando Police Officer Glorivette Garcia Fired For Wine Theft

Orlando Police Officer Glorivette Garcia Fired For Wine Theft

Glorivette Garcia Busted For Stealing Wine

A four year veteran of the Orlando Police Department, Glorivette Garcia, was fired Friday 4/13/2012 for an alleged wine theft on February 6, 2012 shortly after 2 a.m. from a Hess gas station. The time is important as she actually tired to purchase the wine but alcohol sales are prohibited after 2:00 a.m. and store clerk rightly refused to make the sale.

But more importantly, Who steals gas station wine?

Oh That SWEET SWEET Gas Station Wine

Garcia originally claimed she thought her friend paid for the wine. Later she said she didn’t think she broke the law because she was drunk and taking the prescription painkiller hydrocodone for which she has a prescription. WTF???

Oh and this is not Glorivette Garcia’s first encounter with the wrong side of the law. According to Police Chief Paul Rooney, Ms. Garcia had been on desk duty since last June after her arrest outside a nightclub in Sarasota County on charges of affray and obstructing justice. An internal affairs investigation was ongoing in that incident but was dropped after she was fired.

Rooney’s decision to fire Garcia rather than let her resign as she requested likely means she will lose her Florida Department of Law Enforcement certification needed to work anywhere in the state as a police officer or deputy sheriff.

On the police force for 4 years and has two apparent incidents of breaking the law – good riddance!

So what about that wine? It sold for a whopping $7.99 a bottle, probably pretty high-end for gas station wine!

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