Evidence Photo – Trayvon Martin’s Body

Evidence Photo – Trayvon Martin’s Body

Trayvon Martin's Body

Evidence Photo Trayvon Martin's Body

Photo broadscast as part of George Zimmerman’s murder trial in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin

Poll – Zimmerman – Guilty or Not Guilty?


Trayvon Martin Body Dead Evidence Photo Trial George Zimmerman

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Evidence Photo – Trayvon Martin’s Body — 7 Comments

  1. If this kid was on top of Zimmerman, then where in the hell are the grass stains on his light colored pants? Judgement day is near for you Zimmerman!

  2. Criminal and barbaric band fucking white and complexed very sociable and snap on black.

    Prepare to veangance the name of Allah.

    whatever the form.

    I’ll kill you.

    I shot you and da sherif !

    **** YOU ! **** YOU ! **** YOU !

  3. Trayvon got what he had coming to him. He was a complete thug. The media only showed pictures of Trayvon when he was 12, never showed pictures of him at 17, they made this piece of crap out as an innocent, he got what he had coming to him. Try and grab a guys gun to shoot him with it, you eat the bullet. WAY TO GO ZIMMERMAN!!!!!!!!

    Sick of blacks thinking Trayvon is innocent, they are the same people who never vote, until a black man runs for President, then they come out of the woodwork. This race card is total crap, blacks are so damn racist. Every time a black person gets killed, they say how they were the victim. But all the white people killed by blacks, they say they were framed by whitey. Pfft! It is the lazy blacks who are hurting honest blacks who work their asses off.

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