Transcript George Zimmerman Jail Call 2

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SA# 12SA022031


JAIL CALL 18568099 Total time on tape 00:16:14  (Transcription begins 00:01:46)

Information from recording: Date: 2012/4/15, Time: 15:29:04, dialed number (Recorded calling directions)

RECORDING:    Hello,   you   have   a   prepaid   (beep)   This   call   will   be   recorded   and   subject   to monitoring at any time. Thank you for using Inmate Calling Solutions. You may begin speaking now.

ZIMMERMAN: Hey honey Hey babe How are you?

SHELLIE: Good, how are you? Good, can you hear me? Yeah

ZIMMERMAN: Oh good.  What are you up to?

SHELLIE:  Oh I just got off the phone with Ken.

ZIMMERMAN: Oh good, did you guys do that? Did you take care of

SHELLIE: Oh we tried, but there is no way we can get in.

ZIMMERMAN: He can’t get in anymore?

SHELLIE: He can on his um, his computer, Yeah but because mine isn’t registered, it asked me all these security questions and I know, I know man, we cannot figure it out.

ZIMMERMAN: Honey, I’m-I’m-I’m, you need to get on the phone with him Okay

and have him reset them on his side, to things that you can answer. Okay


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ZIMMERMAN:    he  needs  to  log  in  as  me,  and  then,  with  you  on  the  phone,  like  if  they  ask  like what’s your favorite chips, have them, you know, whatever your favorite chips are

SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    he needs to reset them.

SHELLIE:    Let me, I’m gonna call him on the other phone while I have you on and I’m gonna
call him that.

ZIMMERMAN:    Okay.   And you need to reset the password.   He-he needs to reset the password like something that you can understand.
SHELLIE:    Oh  my  gosh,  I  can’t  believe  I  forgot  about  that.    Okay,  hey  Scott,  I’m  on  the phone with uh George


SHELLIE:    and, he’s on my other phone.


SHELLIE:    And uh, he’s just saying


SHELLIE:    that  what  we  needed  to  do  was  not  what  we  did.    What  we’d  have  to  do  is  because the computer’s not registered


SHELLIE:    so, what we have to do is, the computer that you have registered where you don’t
get those security questions, you-you have to go in and change them so that you
can change those security questions that way I can get in and we have to do that
on  the  phone  so  I  know  the  answers  to  that.    Something  that  I  can  remember.
Okay,  so,  I’m  gonna  um  talk  to  George  and,  then  whenever  you  get  a  chance,
um, a little bit later, just call me and we’ll do that.  Okay, all right, thanks, thanks a
lot, all right bye.   Hello?

ZIMMERMAN:    Now do you understand?

SHELLIE:    Yes and he understands


SHELLIE:    (inaudible) he was like ohh

ZIMMERMAN:    You  know  that  way  you  can  log  in  whenever  you  want  (inaudible)  change  the password to something you remember.

SHELLIE:    Okay, okay

ZIMMERMAN:    Change the password, and he logs in,

SHELLIE:    Uh huh

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ZIMMERMAN:    and  he  changes  the  password  and  all  those  questions  to  something  you  can remember and please (inaudible)

SHELLIE:    And we do it together, that way I can do it from my computer.

ZIMMERMAN:    Right, right.

SHELLIE:    Oh  okay,  okay,  okay.    All  right,  he  was  doing  some  stuff  with  the  website  and everything.

ZIMMERMAN:    Okay please write it down and please put it in

SHELLIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    password uh keeper in your phone if you can.  Write

SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    write it down in a few places.

SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    That way you can go in on your own and do it,

SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    without having to rely on somebody else.

SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    Um.  What else?   I had a good dream but now I can’t remember what it was.

SHELLIE:    They’re overnighting your glasses.

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh, he doesn’t have to do that.

SHELLIE:    Well, the attorney said just to make sure that just in case they don’t um

ZIMMERMAN:    Gotcha, okay

SHELLIE:    give em to ya, you can have them.


SHELLIE:    So you can see.



ZIMMERMAN:    Ann’s doing so good with listening I’m so proud of him.

SHELLIE:    I know, did you call him?


SHELLIE:    Good

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ZIMMERMAN:    Yeah.   It helped me a lot.

SHELLIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    Uh huh

SHELLIE:    He’s so cute.   He-he was telling me yesterday it’s like, your baby is so well taken
care of.   He’s like, today (chuckles) he was like yeah, the college party.

ZIMMERMAN:    Yeah I know, how funny is that?

SHELLIE:    He’s running around with all the people like.

ZIMMERMAN:    (inaudible)

SHELLIE:    (inaudible) oh my God, you’re so crazy.

ZIMMERMAN:    I know.

SHELLIE:    Hanging out with all the older women.

ZIMMERMAN:    Everything happens for a reason you know.

SHELLIE:    Uh huh, uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    There’s a reason he’s there and,

SHELLIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    to be, looking after him and,

SHELLIE:    I know, it’s crazy how everything works out, right?

ZIMMERMAN:    Uh huh, yep.

SHELLIE:    It’s just crazy.

ZIMMERMAN:    Man  I  can’t  remember  what  the  dream  was  but  it  was  really  nice.   It  was  like,  I bought you something that you always wanted.   I don’t remember what it was.

SHELLIE:    Oh honey, you don’t need to worry about that cutie.

ZIMMERMAN:    I wish I could remember, it was like a, a nice scarf or something.

SHELLIE:    Oh, you’re so cute.   I love you so much.

ZIMMERMAN:    I love you so much.

SHELLIE:    Oh, so um, it looks like I got the house.

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh good.  Good, good, good.

SHELLIE:    Yeah, so I was actually um, talking to your mom when you, uh called in.

ZIMMERMAN:    Do they know to do it all under Jay’s name?

SHELLIE:    To put it under his name

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SHELLIE:    so give them like a cashier’s check, right?


SHELLIE:    Yeah, (inaudible) like a lot of bedrooms

ZIMMERMAN:    I-I heard they had four.

SHELLIE:    Five

ZIMMERMAN:    Okay, good.   Good.

SHELLIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    So then

SHELLIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    they can go there and be like a, you know, have their little home and,

SHELLIE:    Yeah, but you only wanted me to do it for a month, right?

ZIMMERMAN:    That’s all that was available.   He said it was four weeks.

SHELLIE:    Yeah, that’s what he told me.   Yeah, he told me a month.




SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    did Ken take care of it today?

SHELLIE:    No, because it’s already 24 hours.

ZIMMERMAN:    So he did it, oh, okay

SHELLIE:    He did it yesterday.

ZIMMERMAN:    Around what time?

SHELLIE:    Um, it was like, eight o’clock, I wanna say.

ZIMMERMAN:    At night?

SHELLIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh shucks okay

SHELLIE:    Or like seven, six, seven, eight o’clock.

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh okay, well did you, maybe you should set a reminder on your phone.

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SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    You know like for every day

SHELLIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    (inaudible) another call for 7:30

SHELLIE:    Well hopefully (inaudible) we’ll be able to sit down and, do that.

ZIMMERMAN:    Yeah, but then you should, you know, you still need to be reminded to do it.

SHELLIE:    Yeah I know.   You’re right.

ZIMMERMAN:    That’s good.  Did the chaplain call you anymore?

SHELLIE:    Uh-uh


SHELLIE:    Uh-uh

ZIMMERMAN:    Well  I  told  him  that  you  probably  wouldn’t  answer  because  you  don’t  answer phone numbers you don’t see.

SHELLIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    Leave a message and you’d probably call him back so.

SHELLIE:    Well I do, because I think it’s gonna be you.

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh okay.

SHELLIE:    So.   But when he was asking hi is this, you know, I was like uh, who’s this.

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh so you actually talked to him?

SHELLIE:    Yeah, I told you that.

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh no, I thought you, he left a voice mail.

SHELLIE:    Oh no, I talked to him and I was like, you know, thank you so much for (inaudible) driving, so,


SHELLIE:    they, you know


SHELLIE:    right now, calling for the best time but, and then, (inaudible) Susie wrote down his phone number.

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh okay.  Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha

SHELLIE:    Yeah

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SHELLIE:    But um.  (inaudible)

ZIMMERMAN:    I’m excited, tomorrow’s shower day.

SHELLIE:    I know.

ZIMMERMAN:    And tomorrow (inaudible) and did-did what I say earlier make sense?

SHELLIE:    Uh huh, yep.

ZIMMERMAN:    About her?  Putting in the Florida address and?

SHELLIE:    Uh huh but she doesn’t need that.

ZIMMERMAN:    She does not?

SHELLIE:    Nope, I already looked

ZIMMERMAN:    You’re certain

SHELLIE:    it’s a US citizen, yep


SHELLIE:    (inaudible) qualifications, (inaudible)


SHELLIE:    I mean, US citizen


SHELLIE:    Yeah.   I mean he didn’t look at driver’s license

ZIMMERMAN:    (inaudible) of course. I’m so grateful that they’re able to do that.

SHELLIE:    Uh huh, uh huh, she’s so good and so supportive, so awesome.

ZIMMERMAN:    Yeah, I know.

SHELLIE:    So, um.   Yeah.

ZIMMERMAN:    You know what you could do?

SHELLIE:    What?

ZIMMERMAN:    Um.   I’m  trying  to  think,  cause  you’re  gonna  take  out  $10  and  put  it,  and  keep  it with you, in cash, right?  So that you, less than (inaudible)

SHELLIE:    Well, yeah like nine.

ZIMMERMAN:    Right.   Um.   Let’s  just  say  about  $10.   I’m  wondering,  you  have  more  than  $10, right?

SHELLIE:    Not with me.

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ZIMMERMAN:    You don’t have access to more than $10?

SHELLIE:    I do.   I have access to, yeah.

ZIMMERMAN:    In your account?


ZIMMERMAN:    Right.    That’s  what  I’m  saying.    So  if  you  have  more  than  $10  then  you  can, maybe that same day, put 10 in hers and she can take the 10 out

SHELLIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    and put the, so take your 10 out first, to keep in your pocket,

SHELLIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    and then, at the institution, see if you can, put 10 into hers right away.

SHELLIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    And see if she can take 10, that 10 out and put it in the, in the box there.

SHELLIE:    I thought you wanted me to take 10 out and keep it and then put 10 in the box.

ZIMMERMAN:    If you can, but, I’m-I’m thinking that they’re not gonna let you do that.


ZIMMERMAN:    Either way, it’ll be fine.

SHELLIE:    Well it won’t matter because once she has an account I can transfer that to her.

ZIMMERMAN:    Right, right, I’m just saying so you wouldn’t have to go back to the bank to put 10 in the box.

SHELLIE:    So then you would want like a total of like $20 in the box?

ZIMMERMAN:    Um, no, I just want 10 in the box.

SHELLIE:    Okay, all right.   You’re saying if they won’t let me do that, do that?


SHELLIE:    But just the total, like $10, okay.


SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    And um.   Yeah I think that’s it.

SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    Um.   Yeah and tomorrow’s shower day.


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SHELLIE:    That’s good.


SHELLIE:    That’s gonna be nice.   Soon you’ll be able to shower whenever you want.

ZIMMERMAN:    I know.   It’s so funny.  I went from that shower in heaven to,

SHELLIE:    I know

ZIMMERMAN:    waiting for shower day. (chuckles)

SHELLIE:    I know, but, this is only temporary.

ZIMMERMAN:    I  know.   Um,  my dad’s  really confident  about everything.   I  don’t know what  was said in that meeting but my dad seemed very, very confident.

SHELLIE:    Yeah, everyone is.   You should be too.   Trust me.   Yeah, I don’t wanna talk about it but, so trust me.  The least I talk about it you should know the better.


SHELLIE:    Believe me, and um, um, that’s all I’m gonna say.   Just trust me.

ZIMMERMAN:    Okay.   It’s not just Bob being Bob?

SHELLIE:    Oh no, oh no-no, no, we-we wanted to celebrate.


SHELLIE:    Trust me.

ZIMMERMAN:    All right

SHELLIE:    Susie and I and everyone wanted to celebrate.


SHELLIE:    Our safety council and them were like oh my gosh.


SHELLIE:    He’s amazing.

ZIMMERMAN:    Good.  What’s amazing?  O’Mara?

SHELLIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    Yeah, he is, he’s pretty cool.

SHELLIE:    Yeah, yeah, but we saw like a different side of him so many times, like, just even different sides, so we’re just like, whoa.

ZIMMERMAN:    Is that good?

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SHELLIE:    Yeah, yeah, trust me, I’m telling you right now like, just anything that he does that seemed harsh, I have so much confidence in him, after that meeting, that I will do whatever he says.


SHELLIE:    If we had Sonner, I would be like eh, I don’t know, let’s get another opinion.


SHELLIE:    Not with him man.   Like he is doing, what’s best for you.


SHELLIE:    Yep, what’s best for justice.

ZIMMERMAN:    Good, that’s all I ask.

SHELLIE:    Uh huh, uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    What time is boo?

SHELLIE:    It is 3:42.

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh okay.  I’m-I’m just, I-I gave up on your other phone.

SHELLIE:    I know, that’s fine.

ZIMMERMAN:    Maybe you can see if they can refund you, the money.

SHELLIE:    I did, I already did that.

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh okay

SHELLIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    So what’s the point of having it then?

SHELLIE:    Hmm,  I  don’t  know.    Oh  I’m  not  talking  about  that  phone’s  money,  I’m talking about the other um


SHELLIE:    company.

ZIMMERMAN:    Yeah I know but I’m saying (inaudible) if I can’t call you on it then what’s the point of even having it?

SHELLIE:    Well there is a point, it’s just that I have to check why the lock.

ZIMMERMAN:    Hmm, okay.

SHELLIE:    There is a point


SHELLIE:    and the point is, even when you get out, at least you’ll have it.

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SHELLIE:    You need to have unlimited minutes.

ZIMMERMAN:    Yeah.   Can a regular headset jack be plugged into that?

SHELLIE:    Um, lemme see, I don’t know.   There is, I think so, I’m looking at it right now.


SHELLIE:    Yeah I think so but it comes with a headset.

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh okay.  (sound) Was that it?

SHELLIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh okay.   You like it?

SHELLIE:    Um, yeah.


SHELLIE:    I love it.

ZIMMERMAN:    Good  well,  hopefully  I’ll  get  to  shave  soon  and,  maybe  cut  my  toenails  and,  go from there.

SHELLIE:    Tomorrow on shower day?


SHELLIE:    yep, yep.

ZIMMERMAN:    (inaudible)

SHELLIE:    That’s good

ZIMMERMAN:    I hope

RECORDING:    One minute remaining

SHELLIE:    so

ZIMMERMAN:    All right, what time is it?

SHELLIE:    It’s 3:44

ZIMMERMAN:    3:44, okay

SHELLIE:    Okay honey

ZIMMERMAN:    I love you

SHELLIE:    Hopefully, talk to you soon baby boy and

ZIMMERMAN:    I’ll try

SHELLIE:    you can call uh Ken

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SHELLIE:    I love you

ZIMMERMAN:    Why  don’t  you,  you’re  gonna  call  him  and  do  that  now,  right?    And  you  know what to do now, right?

SHELLIE:    No, he’s doing something else with the (inaudible) he’s gonna call me.

ZIMMERMAN:    Okay, I love you.

SHELLIE:    But you call him and tell him.

ZIMMERMAN:    Okay, I love you.

SHELLIE:    I love you more babe.

ZIMMERMAN:    All right bye.

SHELLIE:    Bye.


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