Transcript George Zimmerman Jail Call 3


SA# 12SA022031


JAIL CALL 18577118 Total time on tape 00:16:31

Information from recording: Date: 2012/4/16, Time: 13:34:31, dialed number (Recorded calling directions)

Listen to the audio of this call HERE.

RECORDING:    Hello,  you  have  a  prepaid  call  from (beep) This  call  will  be  recorded  and subject to monitoring at any time. Thank you for using Inmate Calling Solutions. You may begin speaking now.

ZIMMERMAN:    Hello?

SHELLIE:    Honey


SHELLIE:    Are you there?


SHELLIE:    Can I put you on speaker phone?

ZIMMERMAN:    Yes please but remember, no, no personal information.

SHELLIE:    Okay,  okay,  all  right,  hold  on,  I’m  putting  him  on  speaker  phone  but  we’re  not gonna  say the  name  of  the  institution  or  your  name  or  any personal  information, recorded.   Okay you’re on speaker phone.

ZIMMERMAN:    Hello?

SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    Hello?

SHELLIE:    We  need  to  figure  out  um,  how  to  reset  his  password,  so  that  I  can  log  into  his account for him

CU OFFICIAL:    (inaudible) logged in

SHELLIE:    I  have  everything.   Because  he  was  in  a  different  location  than  me,  so  I  started using a different computer.   And it would ask you the security question.

CU OFFICIAL:    Um.   Are you there?

ZIMMERMAN:    Yes I am

CU OFFICIAL:    Okay.   Is it okay to re, to reset to your um, last four of your Social?


CU OFFICIAL:    Okay.   Um cancelling the enrollment

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ZIMMERMAN:    What’s that?
CU OFFICIAL:    Set it up with    so you have to go in and re-do the whole thing.

SHELLIE:    Are  they still  going  to  do um,  his,  security questions?   Is  there  any  way that  you could take that off of there?

CU OFFICIAL:    That’s why I’m cancelling the whole thing.

SHELLIE:    (inaudible  background  conversation)  so  set  it  up.    Is  it  still  gonna  be  his
user name though?

CU OFFICIAL:    It’s doesn’t have a user name.

SHELLIE:    Okay.   (inaudible)    Okay.

ZIMMERMAN:    Can, can you go to a computer in the lobby and have her look over your shoulder while you do it?

SHELLIE:    Can I go into the lobby and have you look over my shoulder while I do it?   Okay.
So we don’t do anything wrong.  Okay?

ZIMMERMAN:    And you need to reset it to your email address.   Shellie?

SHELLIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    And all the questions, look for something you’ll remember for sure and write them down please.

SHELLIE:    Okay.   Okay.  Okay.  What else?

ZIMMERMAN:    That’s it, as long as it will give you access, that’s what we need to do.

SHELLIE:    Okay,  as  long  as  it  will  give  me  access  that’s  all  we  need  to  do.    Okay,  we’re good then, right?

ZIMMERMAN:    What about Susie opening up an account?

SHELLIE:    What about Susie?

ZIMMERMAN:    Yeah, opening up an account.

SHELLIE:    Okay,  um,  we  need  her  to  open  up  an  account  here.    (inaudible  background
conversation)    Okay,  hold  on.   (inaudible)  okay  honey,  we’re  gonna  go  into  the
lobby and do this now.  Okay?

ZIMMERMAN:    Okay, I’ll stay on the line with you.

SHELLIE:    Yeah,  stay  on  the  line,  and  actually  I’m  gonna  have  you  go  on  the  phone  with Susie.


SHELLIE:    Okay, hold on.

SUSIE:    Hello honey

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ZIMMERMAN:    Hey sis.   Is she gonna be able to help you?

SUSIE:    What’d you say?

ZIMMERMAN:    Is she gonna be able to help you?

SUSIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    Oh good.

SUSIE:    We’re just, getting ready to do a test run.

ZIMMERMAN:    Okay, good.   Please write down everything this.

SUSIE:    Uh huh, definitely

ZIMMERMAN:    Don’t rely on her to write it down.

SUSIE:    Yeah  we  will.    Okay,  um,  is  this  it  right  here?    Yeah  that’s  it.    It’s  a  number, member number start with a two and ending with a nine?


SUSIE:    Yeah,  that’s  not  the  pass,  that’s  what  I  gave  you,  oh  okay,  okay.  (inaudible background  conversation)  type,  type  in  um,  what-what  using,  like  that  would  be for you.

SHELLIE:    Really?

SUSIE:    Yeah, (inaudible) yeah.   I know that’s what it’s asking, that what she said it would do.

SHELLIE:    Oh really?

SUSIE:    Uh huh (inaudible) (inaudible due to whispering?)

ZIMMERMAN:    What’s going on sis?

SUSIE:    (inaudible  background  conversation)  I’m  sorry,  it’s  not,  it’s  like  it,  um  declining  it, okay, okay, it’s working.  Oh good.   (inaudible) honey?

ZIMMERMAN:    Is she going to change everything there?

SUSIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    Please make the

SUSIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    Please make the change to the password the question and the email that it goes to.

SUSIE:    Yeah,  that’s  what  she,  the  password  has  already  been  changed  and  then  um, and then she’s, resetting all the questions right now.

ZIMMERMAN:    And the email, and the email that it goes to.

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SUSIE:    Yeah and don’t forget honey, change the email when you get in there.

ZIMMERMAN:    (inaudible) she’ll probably wanna write it down, she’ll forget.

SUSIE:    And when you, when you get into the account, you wanna change the email that it’s in, notices and stuff to your email.  Okay.

SHELLIE:    I’m writing that all down so.

SUSIE:    Yeah okay, she’s writing, she’s writing them all down.

ZIMMERMAN:    Is she resetting the password

SUSIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    to something she’ll remember?

SUSIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    And she has access to the account now?

SUSIE:    Yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    Tell her to try and transfer into her account from there right now.

SUSIE:    Okay, hold on, I’m going to let her, she has to finish


SUSIE:    answering questions.

ZIMMERMAN:    All right

SUSIE:    Are you done honey?   Cause after we change everything, we gotta um, do a test transfer from here to your account.

SHELLIE:    Okay

SUSIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    Thank you sis.

SUSIE:    Did you take your shower yet?

ZIMMERMAN:    No not yet

SUSIE:    Oh bummer

ZIMMERMAN:    I know.   I’ll be so relieved when she figu, gets this figured out.

SUSIE:    What honey?

ZIMMERMAN:    I’ll be so relieved when she figures this out.

SUSIE:    Uh  huh.   And  by  the  end  of  this  phone  call,  that’s  just  what’s  going  to  happen?

But don’t worry.

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ZIMMERMAN:    Sis, can you write something down?

SUSIE:    What love?

ZIMMERMAN:    Um,   can   you,   I’m   in   the,   on   the   table   behind   you,   there   should   be   some withdrawal slips and some pens.

SUSIE:    Uh huh, um, no but there’s (inaudible) from here in the middle.   Um.   Yeah I have
some, do you want me to take some with me?

ZIMMERMAN:    You can write something down?

SUSIE:    Sure,  wait  a  minute,  let  me,  let  me  move  over.    Okay,  wait  a  second,  um,  go

ZIMMERMAN:    Um, one is for her to transfer

SUSIE:    I’m  sorry.  (background  conversation)  Yeah,  that’s  for  whoever’s  that  you  wanna
write down and remember.  What’d you say honey?

ZIMMERMAN:    Transfer, for her to transfer

SUSIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    less than $10 into her account from mine.

SUSIE:    Okay, uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    And  then,  two,  is  for  her  to  log  off  and  try  to  log  back  in  using  her  credentials before you leave there.

SUSIE:    Uh huh, okay (inaudible)

ZIMMERMAN:    And  then,  three,  is  to  see  if  she  can  take  $10  out  today,  another  $10,  less  than $10 and put it

SUSIE:    Uh huh

ZIMMERMAN:    in her um, in her box there.

SUSIE:    In the box?


SUSIE:    Okay,   all   right   wait   a   minute,   I’m   gonna   be   back   (inaudible).    Okay.  Um. Transfer less than $10,


SUSIE:    log in, log out, before we leave to make sure that it’s working,


SUSIE:    and take out less than $10 and put it in the box.


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SUSIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    Thank you

SUSIE:    Done.

ZIMMERMAN:    How’s she coming along now?

SUSIE:    What now?

ZIMMERMAN:    How’s she coming along?

SUSIE:    She’s  just  now  putting  in  her  new  password  and  getting  ready  to  sign  in.   Okay.

We’re in.


SUSIE:    Okay,  now  honey,  these  are,  these  are  the  things  you  have  to  do,  these  three things  right  here.    Right  now  transfer  less  than  10  into  your  account.    Um,  it’s both of your account should show on here now, right?   Should.

ZIMMERMAN:    And to transfers

SUSIE:    Uh huh.  Into yours.  Is one of these yours?

ZIMMERMAN:    No, she’s has to put in her informa, it-it says “to another” at the top.

SUSIE:    Yeah.   Okay, it says “to another”, click on right here.  Okay, go ahead and do it.

SHELLIE:    How much?

SUSIE:    Yeah, three more zeros, okay.

SHELLIE:    Right?

SUSIE:    Yeah.   I don’t think it’s gonna make you (inaudible) oh up in others account.


SUSIE:    (inaudible) Okay, I didn’t see it.  Okay, there you go now put in your, your number honey.   Yep.   Uh huh.   Okay.   Um.   Okay.   Okay, done.   Okay, so that went from there to there and it’s confirmed.   And then um, so now

ZIMMERMAN:    Can she log, log out?

SUSIE:    Yeah, log out honey

ZIMMERMAN:    Under mine

SUSIE:    clear  the  screen  first  and  then  say  good-bye.    Yeah  say  good-bye.    Now,  start over  again  and  log  in  right  here  just  like  you,  uh  huh,  yep.   Just  to  make  sure  it works.    No,  it’s  the  account  number  (background  conversation)  Oh  okay,  I’m sorry.

SHELLIE:    But I will

SUSIE:    Okay, whatever you think.

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ZIMMERMAN:    You’re an angel sis.

SUSIE:    You  stop  it.    He’s  whispering  sweet  nothings  to  me.  (chuckles)  I  wanna  know your  stupid  passwords.    That’s  an  easy  one  yeah.    I  mean  you  had  that  little tricky one for


SUSIE:    rambles it.  Okay.   Done.  Okay, now just check

RECORDING:    One minute remaining.

SUSIE:    Okay, we got one minute honey, then call us back.

ZIMMERMAN:    Yeah I’ll try. But,

SUSIE:    Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    log out and try to get

SUSIE:    yeah we’re good.  Okay

ZIMMERMAN:    some (inaudible)

SUSIE:    and now

ZIMMERMAN:    and then try and get 10 out from hers

SUSIE:    Yeah, yeah

ZIMMERMAN:    and put it in the box.

SUSIE:    Yeah.    Okay.    So,  now  we’re  gonna  take  a  withdrawal  for,  get  your  money  out and take it to your box.

ZIMMERMAN:    Less than 10.

SUSIE:    Yeah, yeah you do.

ZIMMERMAN:    She’s, yeah she just put it in there.

SUSIE:    Yeah, you just put it in there honey.

ZIMMERMAN:    Tell her to check right there. (background conversation)   Sis?

SUSIE:    What honey?

ZIMMERMAN:    Tell her to check right there at the computer.

SUSIE:    Yeah,  check  your,  log  into  yours  now honey.   That’s  what  she’s  done.   Oh  God,


ZIMMERMAN:    I love you, I’ll call you back.

SUSIE:    What honey?

ZIMMERMAN:    I love you and I’ll

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SUSIE:    I love you too.

ZIMMERMAN:    call you right back.

SUSIE:    Okay honey.

ZIMMERMAN:    All right, thanks, bye.

SUSIE:    Ciao


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