Oh no alligator, let it go’

‘Oh no alligator, let it go’

Apparently 8-year-old Colton Guthrie had a Red-eared slider turtle named Tomalina who had outgrown its aquarium.  Colton decided to donate it to Gulfarium (a marine aquarium in Fort Walton Beach, AL) so he could go and visit his pet.

Colton and his mom watched as a staff member put Tomalina into an exhibit with two other Red-eared turtles and an alligator. 

Of course the gator promptly the boy’s ate the turtle.

Colton “was jumping up and down screaming,” Guthrie said of her son’s reaction. “He was shouting, ‘Oh no alligator, let it go.’ ”

OK, I know I’m completely insensitive to have laughed at this and I do feel really bad for the little boy but it just struck me as hilarious. I’m going to hell and so are you… 

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