School Bus Fight – Oakland Park Florida

School Bus Fight – Oakland Park, Florida

School Bus Fight Broward County FL

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Broward County Sheriff’s Office released a video on Thursday, September 15, 2011 showing 5 sisters allegedly attempting to attack an 11-year-old girl on a school bus.

The brawl was supposedly prompted by an earlier fight at a bus stop between two 11-year-old girls, one of whom went home after the fight and recruited 4 of her older sisters to attack her foe in a wild school bus fight.

The gang of 5 girls drove to a bus stop further down the route and when the bus stopped to let more kids on the 11-year-old hopped on the bus and immediately attacked the other 11-year old. Her older sisters followed her to join in on the mêlée. The bus driver was able to restrain 3 of the sisters but one got by and helped attack the young victim.

The victim was quoted as saying “My ears — she bit me in my ears.” (Some must have been channeling Mike Tyson I suppose…)

All 5 girls were arrested and face criminal charges. Their mother was quoted as saying, “It was payback” for the earlier fight.

23-year-old Cynthia Haynes with two counts of child abuse, one count of conspiracy to interfere with the education process, and two counts of burglary with assault or battery for illegally boarding the bus.

Jasmine Williams, 18, and two of her younger sisters are charged with disrupting a school function.

The 11-year old has been charged with disrupting a school function and two counts of battery.
How much is this little dust up going to cost taxpayers? Police, Jail, Bookings, Judges, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, various court functionaries, Probation/Parole officers…

Just another day in FloriDuh!

Well done “ladies”!

I’m sure your mother and fathers are very proud!

Jasmine Williams Mug ShotMug Shot - Cynthia Haynes

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