waterlooc to Valley Roy Napora — 10 Comments

  1. I have to admit it takes some nards to pull someone out of a window as they are shooting at you. You all have a reward in heaven even though our small town recognized you only. And Hey F the BNN site. Nobody pays attention to them. Wasnt it a bikers mother that you rescued.

    • TIM pittman, Roy Napora, Tadd Vosberg, Tim Donahue you guys earned that one. Talk about “stepping up to the plate.” Thanks

        • Yes. Tadd I wish you God’ s speed .. and your family my friend. Vosberg, Pitmann, Donahue…nobody could have had better men on their side. Had you guys not been there that night, then I wouldn’t be responding to this today. Thanks

  2. Congratulations to Officer Pittman, Waterloo, Valley Police officer Roy Napora and Valley Police officer Tadd Vosberg for this rescue and the slug that was arrested.

  3. And had it been Omaha, you guys would have gotten a visit from the governor. At least Chief Donahue did something to recognize you all. Good to live here.

  4. Roy Napora, Tadd Vosberg, Chief Donahue, Tim Pittmann…It doesnt matter if you are a biker or not…you guys did what you did for a fellow citizen in our small city. Look around you at the, albeit few, cops that shiver in the face of danger. It is pretty apparent you guys dont. You should forever be proud of what you did that night. NOT TO MENTION everyone lived even though shots were fired at people, people were pulled out of windows, suspects had barracaded themselves in the house, hostages were tied and taped up, there were knives, cuts to the victims, meth etc.

  5. Thanks for everything Tim Pitmann, Tadd vosberg, Roy Napora, Chief Tim Donahue. How come it so seemed like it was a big story aside from that awful unprofessional channel 3 news in Omaha. The paparizzi channel 3 and their mifits

  6. Now if someone would be a little smarter and combine both police departments of Waterloo and valley then maybe we would really have protection out here.

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