Installed New Hillbilly Fire Detector

Hillbilly Redneck Fire Detector / Alarm – Use at your own risk!

hillbilly redneck fire alarm

hillbilly redneck fire alarm

If you’re a hillbilly or redneck, this might be the fire alarm / detector for you – although I sincerely doubt it…

Note – This should be used in conjunction with your normal smoke detector as it will likely not alert you to an actual fire but it might provide the firemen with a tasty treat as they remove your charred body if you rely on this “detector / alarm”!

Use at your own risk – If you chose to use this I won’t be responsible for any injury, loss of life, property, pets, children, inability to maintain an erection, rash, irregular, uncontrollable or leaky bowel movement, vomiting, alienation of affection or anything else you and/or your shyster lawyer might dream up. In short, I’m not responsible for anything arising from the use of this product. Ever!

In the unlikely event that you actually do attempt to sue me, you agree to immediately remit to me a sum representing 10 times the amount of any damages you sue for and if you are successful you will pay me an additional 100 times the amount of any award!

Govern yourself accordingly.

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