Che Guevarra Wearing Rolex

Che Guevarra Wearing His Rolex

There is some debate as to the model, some saying it was a GMT Master while others claim his Rolex was a Submariner.

According to Felix Rodriguez’s his most magnificent moment came when he lifted off in a helicopter from La Higuera, Bolivia, on October 9, 1967, with Che Guevara’s body lashed to the right skid. “On my wrist was his steel Rolex GMT Master with its red-and-blue bezel,” he recounted. “In my breast pocket, wrapped in paper from my loose-leaf notebook, was the partially smoked tobacco from his last pipe.”

Some pictures show Che wearing a GMT Master so the speculation is that he owned both.

Che and his Rolex GMT Che Guevara and his Rolex Watch Che wearing Rolex Watch

Fidel Castro Wearing His Rolex Watches

Fidel Castro is also a Rolex fan who would wear two of them on the same wrist, a GMT Master and a Day-Date. Ostensibly to keep track of local and Kremlin time.

Fidel Castro wearing two Rolex Watches Fidel Castro wearing one of his Rolex Watches Fidel Castro wearing a Rolex GMT Master And a Rolex Day-Date

Of course the main feature of the GMT is to show the time in two different time zones…

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