Easter Pope Joke

Easter Pope Joke


The pope dies, and the search for a new one begins. The Catholic church hasn’t been doing great, and the options are slim pickings. They narrow it down to three guys, and decide that whomever can best describe Easter will get the position.

The first guy comes in. They ask him what the meaning of Easter is.

He says:
“Oh, it is a very special time for our people. Everyone dresses up in costumes, and little children go door to door and get candy, and everyone has a swell time.”Smiling Man In Easter Bunny Costume

The committee chair is disgusted, and says “No, that is Halloween, and it is a pagan holiday. Next!”

The second candidate comes in and gives his answer when questioned. “Easter is when everyone gets together in the summer and barbecues and they shoot off fireworks in the sky. It’s all very beautiful and joyous.”

The committee chair is furious. “NO! That is the 4th of July and it is an American holiday! This is Italy! NEXT!”.

Finally, the third candidate comes in, and in a gentle tone with a thick Itallian accent he says:

“Ahh, yes. Easter. Such a significant and joyous occasion for our religion. It is the celebration of that time, when the lord our father Jesus Christ, after dying upon the cross so that our sins may be forgiven, and having been placed in a hole sealed with a giant bolder for 3 days, rose from the dead, removed the boulder and came out of the hole.” The committee chair smiles proudly. They have, it would seem, found their new pope.

The candidate continues: “Then, Jesus, he sees his shadow, proclaims there will be six more weeks of winter, and goes back in the hole!”.

Easter pope joke funny lol wtf

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